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About Kristie May Designs

I’m Kristie May, the Designer, Artist and Photographer from Kristie May Designs. I'm currently based in Brisbane, Australia, and have worked in locations such as London, Canberra, and the Gold Coast.

I am a multi-passionate and driven person, and I love learning and creating. I enjoy dabbling in a variety of creative work, including fashion design, art, photography, makeup and hair. I love small projects, where I can come up with a unique design strategy, and then execute it creatively. I also love travelling and creating a photographic journey.

Kristie May Designs is a passion project for me, and my work is released on a limited basis. Operating this way allows me to freely immerse myself into one specific design, so my clients receive something rare and unique. My Fashion and Art won't be replicated by me, so you are guaranteed a one-of-a-kind, or limited edition release.

When I'm not creating, you will find me working on my other businesses.

"I create unique, one-off pieces, and limited edition releases, so you can make a statement wherever you are, and wherever you go".

One-Off and Limited Edition Products

Kristie May Designs - Fashion - Bridal Fascinator and Birdcage Veil

Sewing & Dressmaking: I have experience in handmaking and repairing clothing and accessories.  I create unique matching bridal headpieces for Australian Designer Bridal and Formal clients, using the same lace and fabrics as the dresses.

Design, Manufacturing & Importing: I have designed my own dresses, shoes and handbags, and have had them professionally manufactured overseas, and imported to Australia.

Kristie May Designs - Art - Room With A View Painting

Drawing & Sketching: I have been trained in fashion design drawing, and I create sketches in my spare time.

Painting: I paint a one-of-a-kind artwork semi-regularly, and I typically display them at home.  Paintings can be sold as the original, or photographed and released as limited edition prints.

Other Craft: I handmake various other craft items on request.

Limited Edition and Professional Services

Kristie May Designs - Photography - Self Portrait - Japan

Travel Photography: Go on a journey with me through different countries, alongside the A Typical Experience Blog.

Event Photography: Cars, concerts, and special occasions are the main focus for my event photography.

Abstract Photography: I love photographing abstract sceneries using light.

Portrait & Headshot Photography: I enjoy capturing your personality.

Kristie May Designs - Makeup & Hair
Makeup and Hair

Makeup: I love the natural and no fuss makeup look for a special occasion, or a fun day or night out.  Otherwise, let’s go with a glamorous or more unique look for photoshoots.

Hair: I have a GHD curler/straightener for the down styles, otherwise I can also perform basic upstyles for the occasion.

Professional Work: I also do makeup and hair for modelling competitions, presenting, photographic work, and for physical transformations.

"It is so rewarding when you create or capture something beautiful, whether it is with fabric, paper, canvas, a digital image, or a model".

Work With Kristie May Designs

I love collaborating with other people, especially where our products and services would work complementary.

If you are seeking someone in Brisbane, Australia, who can provide you with fashion pieces, dresses, accessories, artwork, photos, or makeup and hair services, please get in contact with me.

My Fashion and Art are created by demand, and have a longer lead time. I am happy to hand-make items depending on the time required and the complexity, otherwise I can help you to source them from other manufacturers or designers if they are out of my scope.

My Photography, Makeup & Hair is done on request, as there is minimal lead time required, and I can usually prepare with a day's notice, depending on my existing schedule.

Feel free to get in touch to see how we can help each other.

Kristie May Headshot for Kristie May Designs

"Creative people need to stick together and support each other. No one is in competition, because no one can replicate the same love, care, time and dedication that a creative person puts into their work".

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